Fredo Face Shield Plexiglass - Plastic Visor - Made In The EU

Brand: Fredo
Product Code: Fredo45
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✔️ Provides professional face protection and spit protection ➖Protect the health of you and your family. Complete coverage of eyes, nose, mouth from splashes, aerosols, etc.

✔️ Soft sponge ➖ Equipped with soft sponge in the forehead area, no bad feeling after long wearing

✔️ Unisex and comfortable face mask ➖Equipped with an elastic band, suitable for men and women and extremely comfortable to wear

✔️ Washable & reusable protective mask ➖ the protective visor can be easily cleaned with water or sterilized by spraying with alcohol

✔️ Safe and comfortable plexiglass face shield ➖ High density polyethylene housing ➖ Fits comfortably with most goggles➖Extremely lightweight➖Children use under parental supervision

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