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We are an American company Lonjew LLC and brand Lonjew and you can find our products in almost any marketplace. Lonjew.com, Lonjew.co.uk, Lonjew.com.tr, Preciosa.com.tr are our official websites.

We have a factory in Turkey and transfer center at Germany. We have a warehouse in the US state of Georgia. We can send products to 184 countries in the world. We have business partnerships with 27 domestic manufacturers in Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Czech, Russia.

Our sales and distribution network is able to deliver products all over the world.

We distribute the beads of the world’s largest bead manufacturer Preciosa brand in the Czech Republic to the world.

Our main business is to produce art products. We sell very special designed products with art, such as handicrafts, embroidery threads, bead organizers, embroidery organizers, needles, needle holders.

We are also sell Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, German cultural products and the old antiques, vintage products.


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