Lonjew bead storage box, jewelry making sectioned sorting tray, beading craft board LLZB-042

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Product Code: LLZB-042
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  • The storage, sorting and organization of seed beads and gemstones is a vital task for anybody who's practicing jewelry making, beading, bead embroidery or any other craft type dealing with small findings.
  • Our sectioned tray is a perfect tool for that purpose. The plywood container case with compartments and plastic lid can be used both as storage box and organizer board, and besides will please your eyes with its original design.
  • Size: 14x14 cm / 5.5x5.5 in
  • Weight: 0.13 kg
  • Bead organizer Handmade wooden beads and jewelry organizer Bead Organizer Kit Magnetic locked magnet protection Beading Jewelry Making, Jewellery Organizer

Our bead organizer may become your favorite beadwork accessory once you start using it. This bead container is made in the form of a wood flower and is closed on the lid. This bead tray has 10 sections for bead supply storage, they are decorated with various ornaments. Also in this art supply storage, there is a small needle magnet. Here you can see a lid, that closes this organizer. Wherever you put this bead tray, it will decorate the decor of the room. Also, this bead organizer can turn into a beautiful jewelry making gift or bead art gift. It will become a very beautiful manifestation of respect for the craft of a person who will receive this gift. Also, at the link below you can see our other bead organizers, you will be able to choose the right one for you. Write to us when this happens! Item No: FLZB-022 Size: 5.5 * 5.1 inches Weight: 0.075 kg Material: plywood

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