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Beadwork is an art of decoration that results from sewing small beads together with needles and threads. The most important of the beaded weaving materials is the beads themselves. Bead patterns, which type, shape or size are used, ensure the quality of this work. However, besides beads, there are many different materials.

 Bead needles, one of the most important materials used in this work, are different from sewing or other needles. Bead eyes are narrower and thinner. Thus, this structure helps the beads to pass through the small holes without any problems. There are bead needles and various sizes, styles and brands of materials to choose from. The sizes of bead needles are usually indicated by a number. The larger the bead number, the narrower the bead needle. Bead needles number 10, number 11 and number 12 are the most popular numbers for bead weaving.

Therefore, the bead storage feature is important in the availability of bead materials. In this case, there are materials used to solve the problems that arise. Also, when it is desired to sell the beads produced for the bead organizer immediately, cooperation and organization can be provided with experienced enterprises. This troublesome job is an easy business to achieve the desired results with the necessary care and attention.

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