Lonjew Cat Pattern Thread Organizer Making Kit LLTL-011

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Thread Organizer Making Kit

Lonjew Cat Pattern Thread Organizer Making Kit LLTL-011

Colors may differ from the real thing due to the light generated when the photo was taken.

It is made of high quality plywood. The thread holder has a magnet and perforated spaces. It has artificial leather on it. You can process the model you want on this artificial leather and make it look magnificent. You can fix your needles on its magnet. In this way, your needles will not disappear and when you return from your break, everything will remain as you left it and your project will not be interrupted. You can fix your ropes in perforated areas. You can make your projects faster and more enjoyable thanks to the thread holder made with your own hand labor.

Set to;

Blank plywood,

Faux Leather,

Thread for sewing parts,

1 needle,

100% cotton mouline yarn,

Instruction and embroidery schemes,

The kit is packaged in a bag with a euro ring.

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