Lonjew Spool Patterned Needle Holder LLZB(N)-030

Brand: Lonjew
Product Code: LLZB(N)-030
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Needle Holder

Lonjew Spool Patterned Needle Holder LLZB(N)-030

At Lonjew we truly believe that all craftsmen should be surrounded by beautiful and quality things! Especially if we are talking about the accessories you use to realize your projects. Because these are small but extremely important details that can inspire you and push you to conquer new creative heights.

That's why we've developed a series of incredibly cute and useful boxes for storing needles that won't leave true craftsmen cold! At the bottom of such boxes there is a magnet band that can securely fix needles, pins and other small metal objects. Covers made of plywood or plastic are attached to the housing with strong magnets. This means you can take your box with you without worrying about the security of its contents!

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