Right now my beautiful city Kharkiv is being crushed by bombs. Who knew this could happen as we celebrate the new year in freedom square. Who knew we would be celebrating my son’s birthday with bombs instead of fireworks. I went to a social welfare center today. almost everyone brought something, diapers, baby food, clothes, shoes, blankets. Our people who came to get help took only what they needed and left more. One woman was saying: I won’t buy this because someone else definitely needs it. my eyes filled with tears. A woman brought her 4 young children to the border alone. Because Ukrainian men have to stay and fight. After this woman crosses the border, she will be looking around innocently, not knowing where to go, alone and in a country where she doesn’t even know the language, waiting for a helping hand to reach her.

We really need your help. We don’t have a house to lay our heads in. We stand with your help. We lost everything, our jobs, our homes, our city, they were all destroyed.

Lend us a helping hand. Thank you for your donation.


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