Lonjew Bead Container Wood Flower with Needle Magnet for Supply Storage LLZB-030

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Transparent Lid

Lonjew Bead Container Wood Flower with Needle Magnet for Supply Storage LLZB-030

Our bead organizer will be a jewel of your craft organization. For your convenience in beadwork making, the tray is equipped with a needle magnet that will be a keeper of this sharp object. There are fifteen sections of different size and shape in this wooden organizer, so you can sort your beads the way you need them. This bead organizer is a wonderful beadwork gift. Also, it will suit those who make jewelry from beads. This will be an excellent jewelry making a gift, which will definitely take its place in the room in which the person is engaged in handmade. Dear customers! In accordance with your multiple requests, the specialists of the “LonJew” company have designed delicate and practical bead organizers, that will enhance your beadwork experience! From now you will be able to sort the beads in comfortable sections according to their color, shape, and size. With the inboard magnet, you will easily fix your bead embroidery needle while it is not in use. Besides, due to their elegant and thoughtful design our organizer is not only useful but also a stylish accessory that surely becomes a discussion and dreamboat point on the part of your handicraft colleagues!
  • SEPERATE COMPARTMENT - You can separate beads in 13 different colors with this bead organizer
  • WOODEN NATURAL BEAD STORAGE - The bead storage tray is made of wooden material. The design of the bead separator tray is designed integrated with the art.
  • TRANSPARENT LID - It has a transparent cap to keep your beads from falling apart. For this reason, you can see the contents of the bead organizer without opening its cover.
  • MAGNET LID AND NEEDLE HOLDER - The cover can be completely removed to better organize the beads. The cover is attached by two small magnets. You can stick your needles on these magnets.
  • HAND SIZE AND PORTATIVE - The product is the size of your hand. It is an ideal artistic aid for small projects. . 5.8 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches

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