Lonjew Bead Embroidery Kit On A Plastic Base LLPL-026

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Dream Catcher

Lonjew Bead Embroidery Kit On A Plastic Base LLPL-026

Colors may differ from the real thing due to the light during photographing.

We brought a modern perspective in bead embroidery. Plastic is not used much in bead embroidery designs. As plastic is light and after processing, they become invisible. The plastic kit is made of high quality material. Therefore it is light. There will be no sagging in the places you wear. It will appear to be floating in the air where you hang it. You can easily process and color the model on the plastic kit you bought. Since the product is made of high quality plastic, it will not be affected by moisture.

The package includes:

  • Beads (PRECIOSA),
  • 2 needles for bead embroidery,
  • Single fiber yarn,
  • Perforated organizer made of plastic,
  • Making instruction,
  • Printed pattern showing the number and coloring of beads to embroider

The kit is packaged in a bag with euro rings.

Size:  3.9*9.8

Number of colors: 4

Number of beads: 2790 pcs

Item Weight: 3.1 oz

Material: plastic

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