Lonjew Seahorse Shaped Bead Organizer

Brand: Lonjew
Product Code: LLZB-120
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Transparent Lid

Lonjew Seahorse Shaped Bead Organizer

Bead editors will be your biggest assistant in realizing your projects. You can sort or color your beads as you wish. When you close the lid of the organizer, you can flip it over or shake it. Your beads will not be shed or displaced. You can use it with peace of mind. Therefore, it is very practical to carry. You can carry it in your handbag. Thanks to the magnet in the bead organizer, you can fix your needle and take a short break easily. Now your needles will not disappear and your beads will not fall apart.

Size: 3.9*7.4

Item Weight: 3.88 oz

Number of sections: 8

Material: wood

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