Introducing our new Wooden Bead Organizer, the perfect tool for beaders and jewelry makers! This organizer is made of sturdy wood and includes multiple trays, separators, and holders to keep all of your beads and supplies organized.

The Wooden Bead Organizer comes with a transparent lid and cover, so you can easily see your supplies and keep them dust-free. It also includes a needle magnet to help you keep your needles and thread organized and at your fingertips.

This organizer is designed to store beads ranging from 0-4mm, making it perfect for small seed beads as well as larger beads. It’s a great tool for sorting and organizing beads, and is perfect for making bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other jewelry.

The trays included in this organizer can be used to store beads, while the separators and holders can be used to keep different types of beads separated and organized. The Wooden Bead Organizer is also great for travel, as it’s portable and easy to take with you wherever you go.

This organizer is perfect for beaders of all levels, from beginners to experienced designers. It’s also great for other types of crafting, such as embroidery and diamond painting.

The Wooden Bead Organizer is a great gift for anyone who loves beading and crafting. It’s also perfect for designers who need to keep their supplies organized and easy to access. With its cute and practical design, this organizer will be a great addition to any crafting table or workspace.

So if you’re looking for a cheap and effective way to keep your beads and supplies organized, be sure to check out our Wooden Bead Organizer today!

5 reviews for Lonjew Wood Bead Box With Lid And Needle Magnet

  1. Daniela

    I purchased last week this wooden bead organizer. It’s awesome for small projects. 2mm seed beads are ideal for using

  2. Maria

    I like this wooden bead tray, it’s very functional.

  3. Alare

    It’s cheaply made, but works fine. You get what you pay for here. I ordered 2 and there was some slight cracking in the back piece of both, but not enough to affect it or make me want to send it back. It keeps all of my beads organized. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Just wish they made it to produce the larger trays.

  4. Emma

    A very nice bead organizer. but the size is a little small. This wooden bead organizer is ideal for small projects. I think it is suitable for beads smaller than 4mm.

  5. Olivia

    I am so impressed with my Wood bead organizer tray with lid Seed bead storage container case, bead box, beading tools! This is an exceptional product for organizing all of my crafting supplies.

    The wood tray is durable and well-made, with a smooth finish that looks great in my crafting area. The lid is secure and fits snugly onto the tray, keeping my beads and tools neatly contained and preventing any spills or messes.

    The individual compartments are perfect for organizing beads by color, size, or type, and the included beading tools are top-quality and make my crafting projects a breeze. The tray is also very versatile and can be used for storing other small crafting supplies, such as sequins, buttons, and more.

    Overall, I highly recommend this Wood bead organizer tray with lid Seed bead storage container case, bead box, beading tools to anyone who wants a practical and stylish way to organize their crafting supplies. It’s a great value for the price, and I am confident that it will last me for many years to come

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Lonjew Wood Bead Box With Lid And Needle Magnet

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