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The embroidery thread used in hand embroidery consists of mercerized cotton embroidery thread consisting of 6 separate threads or plies. Any number of threads can be used in the needle depending on the desired thickness of the thread or the pattern instructions. You can embroider organizer with many different shapes of thread, but embroidery thread is one of the most basic and therefore one of the most popular threads. Although the price varies by brand and region, it is relatively cheap, and you can use any color you may need. Dental floss is widely preferred for surface embroidery, needle painting using long and short stitching or satin stitching, cross stitching and counted yarn techniques.

 Most embroidery threads are made to be colorless. However, it is important to check before starting a project. If you test on an example and the colors work, you can create the colors by vinegar or some other method. Brands have different packaging methods. However, hank is the most popular one. Dental floss skeins are typically created so that you can pull out one end of the thread and remove as much as you need while keeping the rest of the strawberry intact. Towing jaws of brands may vary. So look for the tip that comes out and pull it gently. It should come easily, if not, look for the other loose tip and try. Some stitches consider it appropriate to separate the freckles and transfer them to floss organizer coils or other storage methods. When separating strands with a cut floss length, take the number of threads you want to use and slowly pull them out of the other strands. After separating them, let the floss be free and opened.

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