Wishes Bottle For Throwing to Sea Special Days (Purple)

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Wishes Bottle For Throwing to Sea Special Days (Purple)

Write your wish and throw it in the water. (Sea, lake, river, ocean), maybe try your luck like this. On the message paper inside the wish bottle, write your love, your instagram address or your contact so that the person who found you can reach you and leave it to the sea. You see, it gets caught by another person from another part of the world and gets back to you. Or this message you send to the universe may return to you as the fulfillment of your wish. If you wish, send this beautiful figured glass bottle to your lover on his birthday. If you wish, buy 2 and write your messages on your visit to the river and throw them down the bridge. Since the cork cover is closed, it will take your message that will not sink in water, where it needs to go far Or give this mysterious bottle to your child and keep the message with you. Write your wishes and throw them into the sea with this wish bottle. Write your wish in this bottle with your lover by the river and throw it into the river. If you want, write and throw your instagram account and the person who finds you will be contacted.

  • TRANSPARENT GLASS BOTTLE - Our wish bottle is made from a clear glass bottle.
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL - All natural products are embedded in it. (Seashell, sand, flower leaves, etc.)
  • WISHES PAPER - Write your message like an edict on our message sheet and put it in the bottle.
  • HAND MADE - All of these items are handmade filled with our own hands.
  • UNWATERABLE - Does not sink and takes your message far, places to go.

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